De 5c Organisatie

Specialisme: Callcenter

Adres: Begijnekade 8
Postcode: 3512 VV
Telefoon: 030-6074744
Fax: 030-6090100

Company Background

5CA was founded in 1998 by senior members of one of the world’s leading imaging devices companies and has been growing steadily, and profitable, ever since. 5CA was set up in order to cope with the challenges that many companies continually deal with when it comes to providing their customers with effective and efficient customer support.

5CA provides worldwide 24/7 technical support and customer care, offering these services in 20 different languages. Using the latest contact center technologies, 5CA strives to offer uniform customer treatment, regardless of the contact media chosen by the customer. Our goal is to ensure the highest level of quality of service, which serves to value both our clients and employees in the best way possible.

Our management has almost three decades of experience in the world of customer support. That means that we realize how important professional after-sales support is to companies, but most importantly, we understand the needs and expectations of your customers.
Global Reach

5CA, headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands, services its clients from their 24/7 contact center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, providing a global service with a special focus on the European, North American and South American markets. The fact that we work with one centralized location to service all these continents means that we can offer our clients optimized operational efficiency and further cost reductions.

5CA works with a state-of-the-art VoIP-based contact center system. Through this system, we provide our clients with reporting statistics, market feedback and customer information that helps them maximize their CRM potential. Our Wicom Communications Server Suite (CSS) is an open all-IP communications server architecture built for unified queuing, prioritizing, and routing of all methods of contact. It is equipped with a detailed monitoring and reporting system, voice recording and an integrated CRM tool. Its key strength is that it is a fully multimedia-blended, web-based and location-independent solution, allowing for optimal flexibility and seamless integration with other technologies. You will not find traditional telephones in our contact center as our support agents provide end-to-end multimedia support via their workstation. As a result, expansion is easily and quickly attainable.

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